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Some tips i found on the internet

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Some tips i found on the internet

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 14, 2008 3:21 am

Home Visit Forum

$10 FREE - Basic Strategy - Make it last!

Generally its true to the saying, easy come....easy go. $10 won by playing 2 hours versus $10 given to you have two different values. If $10 takes you 2 hours to earn, you might take 2 hours spending it. Get $10 free instantly and it might be gone the next minute.

Planning ahead is key to being profitable at poker.

The object is to win money with free money. Not lose money and quit.

Here are some simple steps to stretch your money:

1) $10 should be split up into (4) x $2.25 games or less.

2) Play $1.xx to $2.xx stakes Sit N Gos (Single Table Tournaments). 1 in 3 players make the money in a SNG on average

3) If you must play Multi Table Tournaments, try playing games with 100 players or less.* 1 in 10 players make the money in a Multi on average

4) Avoid cash games! Probably best to avoid the ring if you are new to the site. Common practice is 1%-10% of your bankroll taken to the cash/ring tables.

5) Play the game you are best at until you are comfortable. (Holdem, Stud, Omaha, 5 Draw)

6) Patience is key! $2 SNGs pay sometimes $9 or more for each win. You essentially could have $36 in (1-2) hours if you managed right and took small steps.

7) Set short term and long term goals. Don't try and turn $10 into $500. Try a realistic amount such as turning $10 into $25. Then $25 to $50 and so on.

8) Remember, something as small as a 10 seat $2.20 SNG can pay $10. Thats double your initial $10 startup.

9) Increase your stakes if you win consistantly. Approach with caution! Always leave yourself more than you started with and you can never lose!

10) Play in sessions. If you have enough for only 4 games, split them up over a few hours or days. Sleep on it. Patience is #1!

*Large tournaments are usually a bad risk with a small bankroll. Its extremely difficult and even takes alot of luck to cash money in 1,000 or more player tournaments.


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Re: Some tips i found on the internet

Post by AmmazingG on Mon Jul 14, 2008 7:41 am

Thanks Clay, have you all read the articles written by D_M_Vadnais in nopays forum under "Tournament Play - Building a Bankroll"?
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