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Team Information: Each Team will consist of five players for each game. Players are expected to have valid player names and be in good standing with the site in which we play at. Each player should also have adequate server connections.Each team will have a Captain and Co-Captain. The Captain and Co-Captain will always communicate directly with their team either via email, the message board or instant message. The Captain of the winning team is responsible for posting game results on the Team USA site, unless otherwise decided between the two game Captains.Team members will be seated every other seat at the table, during game play. All games and tournaments are played and are listed in EASTERN TIME. Games will be posted by your Captain/CoCaptain on your team's message board as well as any other relevant information. Be sure to check your team's message board regularly. All players are responsible for knowing when games and tournaments are being played. All players scheduled to play should be be in the USA CHAT ROOM twenty minutes prior to game start in order to check in. At this time you should should also have the poker application open and be ready for the seating process. If there is a problem with your account, please find LadySpirit and she will assist you in getting it worked out. All visitors to the chat room must understand that when seating begins that they must be courteous to the teams playing. . Players returning from a match should wait a few seconds upon entering the room before speaking to ensure that they do not interrupt the seating process.If a member misses two games they were scheduled for and have not let their Team Captain know ahead of time then they will be considered no-shows. STAY IN CONTACT WITH YOUR CAPTAIN. If a member misses more than two games they can be dismissed from the team upon the Team Captain's discretion.. If you cannot attend a scheduled game, please let your Captain know as soon as possible. We all have jobs, families, emergencies, and countless other things that do come up. By letting your Captain know as soon as possible allows them to replace you for that game and, thereby, not counting you as a no-show.NO TABLE TALK! All team strategy such as when to raise, check , fold etc. shall be set before game begins. Anyone caught doing this during a game will accept a 5 point deduction from their teams' total score. Any member that continues this on a regular basis will be removed from Team USA. The only acceptable table talk during any game should be all in fun, joking around, or pschying out the other team. Whatever it may be, please keep it clean and fun. For more information on table talk please look below. ** Table Talk: The revealing of cards during the hand being played is not allowed. Advice on betting, raising or folding during the hand is strictly prohibited. Talk after the hand is played (advice on betting tactics - example: "you should have raised so I could have given you more") is also not allowed. A warning will be issued to all team members BEFORE the start of each game. There will be no other warning. This rule will be strictly enforced. Absolutely no communication of any kind shall be allowed during a game! You will be removed immediately from Team USA should you be caught doing so.Once the game begins, you must close the chat window!If you have a question regarding rules, game disputes, trouble with other players, etc. then please inform your Team Captain who WILL help you through it. If they are unable to resolve it, they will then contact board managers for assistance. ALL CALLS MADE BY BOARD MANAGERS ARE FINAL!To ensure that the person finishing in 10th place at the table has an effect on the overall team, the following points will be scored by each player For finishing 10th a player scores 1 point.For 9th 2 points.For 8th 3 points.For 7th 4 points.For 6th 5 points.For 5th 7 points.For 4th 9 points.For 3rd 11 points.For 2nd 13 points.For 1st 15 points.Winners are determined by the team with the greater amount of points.If a game results in a tie, the team with the player that wins the table, taking 1st, gets the win. Additional Rules and Clarifications:If the two teams each have an auto, the home team has the advantage. The away team's auto automatically goes out 10th , and the home team's auto goes out 9th. Season Winners -- All season winners are declared by the most wins. If there is a tie in wins, the next deciding factor is points. If the team with the most wins, is not the team with the most points, there will be a playoff. Playoffs will consist of 3 games. Best two out of three wins the season. If a player is seated at the game and then leaves for an extended period of time, that user will be considered an auto and scored as such. All members should be treated with respect. Absolutely no harassment or personal attacks will be tolerated.Any member can be banned for any reason at the sole discretion of Team Captains and Site Administrators. This league should be considered fun for all members, but bear in mind that there is also an element of seriousness and your cooperation and consideration is required to make it work. All rules on this page are subject to alteration and modification should the need arise. Updated 5.27.2007